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    2017 B/S/T Feedback Thread | Read the OP, and Prepare to Feedback

    2017 Buy/Sell/Trade Feedback Thread
    Welcome to the inaugural launch of the official Buy/Sell/Trade Feedback Thread! This thread is to be exclusively used for the reporting and discussion of feedback from transactions in the GAF Buy/Sell/Trade Thread.

    Official Feedback List

    *Link has changed. See disclaimer at bottom of OP.

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    2017 B/S/T Feedback Thread | Read the OP, and Prepare to Feedback

    1. Feedback Format

    Any Feedback that is not left in the following format is not guaranteed to be properly recorded!

    • All feedback should be left using the following format:

      Positive/Negative/Neutral Buyer/Seller feedback for InsertNameHere

      Comment about how the transaction went!
    • Feedback posted for multiple users should be listed out separately. This may sound annoying, but we now have an automated script that collects feedback each week. This will help us to not fall behind on feedback like we have in the past.
    • Similarly, comments should be kept on a separate line. Again, this is related to us automating the thread a bit.
    • Leaving a comment detailing the transaction is encouraged for positive transactions, but is required for Neutral and Negative feedback.

    2. Neutral/Negative Feedback

    If you take a look at our feedback list, you will notice that there are very few individuals that have had the honor of gracing our Neutral feedback category, and even fewer that have had Negative feedback. We have a pretty good thing going here and the majority of members are trustworthy, but occasionally we will have some problems. If that happens to you:

    • Always give the other party a chance to make the situation right.
      If you receive an item that is not in the condition that was described, then you should not immediately rush to this thread in order to leave Negative feedback. Instead, shoot the seller a PM and see if you can work things out. 99% of Buyers/Sellers are going to do the right thing at that point and nobody else will be the wiser. However, if you’re getting nothing from them or you’re just not satisfied with their reply, then you can consider leaving appropriate feedback.

    • Carefully consider the difference between Neutral and Negative feedback
      This is definitely more of a gray area and, because of that, we aren’t going to list out qualifications for each type. Every transaction is going to be different. That being said, while both types of feedback are taken extremely seriously, Negative feedback should be your last resort for any problem. The vast majority of smaller problems can be covered with Neutral feedback, but the choice is obviously up to you. Of course, this leads into the next point:

    • The community can decide to lessen the severity of feedback
      All this means is that if feedback is left that is not appropriate, the community’s opinion can influence the recording of that feedback. Let’s say someone leaves Negative Seller feedback because an item arrived one day after what they were originally promised. If the general consensus from the community is that this feedback is overly harsh for what occurred, then the feedback could be downgraded to Neutral or even simply not recorded at all.

      Just to be 100% clear, this is not a move to invalidate user feedback. Any decision will not be made solely by Cloggerdude, Sabanoo, or any other member of the feedback team. This is simply a safeguard put in place to prevent inappropriate feedback from being automatically recorded with no discussion. Any decision to modify feedback will be clearly communicated in the thread by a member of the feedback team.

    3. Discussion

    • Members are free to use this thread for the discussion of any and all feedback related issues. We would prefer that general conversations be kept to a minimum though. We want the actual B/S/T thread to remain as unclogged as possible, so the more discussion that happens here instead, the better.

    4. Keep it Civil

    • Since feedback is being left open for discussion, there will be some instances where things may get a little heated. All normal forum rules apply here, so if you wouldn’t chance saying it somewhere else, then don’t say it here.
    • We are not in the business of creating witch hunts against users. If a user is accused of something, then at the very least allow them to defend themselves first. If the original accusation is proven to be true and the matter has already been thoroughly discussed, then let’s move on. There’s no need to keep piling on.

    5. Feedback Issues

    • If you have any kind of questions related to feedback you have received, then please feel free to PM one of the feedback list staff. A listing of current staff is maintained in the feedback list itself.

      Note: Before you send us a PM asking why your feedback wasn’t recorded, make sure that the feedback list is actually up to date. Sometimes we lag behind, so we may have just not gotten to your feedback yet.

    * Regarding the Feedback list link change: The previous feedback spreadsheet was owned by someone else and there were multiple users with access to modify it. As a result of recent events, the decision was made for the feedback list to be copied and re-hosted by Cloggerdude. Modify Access to the new spreadsheet will be locked down to only Cloggerdude and pete_clarf for now. The old spreadsheet has not been deleted or modified, but will simply no longer be updated. Please feel free to compare the two versions for yourself.

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    2017 B/S/T Feedback Thread | Read the OP, and Prepare to Feedback

    Hopefully this gets stickied as well so people don't miss it. Looks like I still have access to the feedback list so I'll help out with updating when I have time. I've also been pondering a side project of a little app that will crawl through the thread for feedback and update the list. If only I had all the time in the world!

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    2017 B/S/T Feedback Thread | Read the OP, and Prepare to Feedback

    Positive Buyer Feedback for enoirmeplz,Lambtron

    Sent payment right away.

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    Positive feedback for Cloggerdude for up putting up with this stuff

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