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    Grabbing Windows 10 for a new PC Build

    Hey everyone,

    Been a while since I've been around these forums, though I've still been reading AT reviews regularly.

    I recently took advantage of what discounts I could over Thanksgiving/BF/CM to put together a new PC, as my current one is basically dying in every way and probably won't last much longer.

    As it's a new Ryzen 1600x build, I suppose I have no choice but to move to Windows 10 now, as I don't believe Windows 7 is supported anymore, or at the very least, is being pushed into being retired quickly.

    This means it'll be my first Windows 10 install, and I wanted to avoid doing an in-place upgrade. I also avoided all of the Win7->Win10 update shenanigans coming through WGX or whatever last year.

    From what I heard from a friend who's installed Windows 10 a couple times recently, including on a new PC just about 2 weeks ago, he says that he had no issue installing Windows 10 on a fresh install and simply entering in his Windows 7 key.

    If that works, that'll probably be my plan, but I still need to get the installation media somehow.

    I have a new 64GB USB3 key for this purpose, but I'm not entirely sure where to proceed.

    Based on some searching a couple weeks ago before I started ordering parts, it looked like there were a couple ways to get the necessary files from Microsoft. Sadly, I failed to properly bookmark my sources at the time, so I need a bit of help sorting through it.

    I have two files here, one called MediaCreationTool.exe, and Windows10Upgrade24074.exe. Judging by some of the stickies on this forum, I assume the former is the one I want to use? Does this file ever get updated, or can I just use the one I downloaded some weeks ago?

    Second, is the process simply to start that program, select a version of Windows 10 (Pro? I'm currently on Windows 7 Ultimate.) send it to the USB key, and then we're good to go?

    My friend also mentioned something about delaying updates for a year, but I'm not sure if that's just an option you can toggle or if it's some specific version of WIndows you need to grab.

    I'm...basically incredibly lost right now as to how to proceed with this new OS install. At least with Win7 I had the *.iso from TechNet to which I slipstreamed some updates into and put on my other USB key. The process here seems like it may be more straightforward potentially, but still quite different.

    Thanks for any advice or suggestions.

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    Grabbing Windows 10 for a new PC Build

    Just go here:

    Download the tool and follow the instructions.

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    Grabbing Windows 10 for a new PC Build

    The free upgrade from 7 and 8.1 lasted for the first year of Windows 10. That period is now over. So you can either download it from the link above and purchase it through the Store or buy it somewhere else and install using the key that comes with it.

    Deferring updates is an option, but not doing so really hasn't been an issue for me yet. And let me clarify that statement:

    1. There are some issues with the more major updates, but it seems like those who have chosen to delay post here with the same issues (or some new ones) than those who didn't, so I can't say I would recommend going that route.

    2. I personally have run into a few issues with the more major updates (Creators, etc), and I am very doubtful that the fix would have gone away between when I installed the update and when the "defer" period expired.

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    Grabbing Windows 10 for a new PC Build

    With regard to the free upgrade, I'm aware that the campaign officially ended for that one after the first year, but as far as I can tell from my research, that avenue was never actually closed, and according to some sites, as of some Fall or Anniversary update, Win10 started allowing you to activate directly via Win7/8 keys.

    Notably, my friend built a brand new PC a couple weeks ago and mentioned that he installed WIndows 10 onto that system using a Win7 key without having to deal with any hassle of installing Win7 first. This should support the idea that I should be able to do the same; I was pretty particular about getting the details from him to see if it would apply to me. Either way, I'll give it a shot and will find out soon enough.

    The problem is what version to go with. If I use the Media Creation Tool, I'm certain that it will grab the latest version, 1709, because why wouldn't it? However, being that it's the newest feature update, there may be issues with it. I'm not hugely interested in helping MS beta test its Windows-as-a-Service features, and I'd generally prefer having a couple months to let them patch out all the problems before I spring for it.

    As to the deferral period expiring, I thought this period was fairly lengthy. I'm pretty sure you can defer for at least a year or so; My friend says he's still on 1607 in the Semiannual Channel.

    I'm currently looking at seeing if there are any major issues reported with 1709. If it's fine then it makes it easier for me, but if there are, then I'll have to figure out where/how to grab the iso's for 1703 or 1607 instead.

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