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    really slow windows xp

    have windows xp that's running really slow, any suggestions?

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    really slow windows xp

    check running services for anything unusual (such as FTPServer.exe), do a defrag, run chkdsk at your next logon, and empty your temp folders for a start

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    really slow windows xp

    One more thing you can do is go to Control Panel > System > Advanced > Performance - "Adjust for best performance"

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    really slow windows xp

    Windows xp running slow can happen because of a few reasons:

    1. Maybe you need more RAM.
    2. Maybe you have some unneeded softwares that run on your PC.
    3. Have you checked for viruses?

    There is a nice article talking just about this problem.(
    'Windows Running Slow? Solution'

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    really slow windows xp

    That's XP in a nut shell. If you don't stay on top of it, it tends to act really slow. One suggestion that i didn't see is use a program like regedit to clear out old programs. Unfortunately when you delete a program, it doesn't really uninstall everything, and leaves stuff in the registry that can bog the system. Another thing... Start, Run, msconfig and enter, will help you with programs that are starting up and not really needing to. CAUTION... if you don't know what it is, google it. Make sure that it's not needed to start. Course I could go on...

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    Too much software installed taking too much system resources is a common cause for xp slow down. I would remove some old programs and defrag the hard disk. Also check the registry only if necessary.

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