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    Activating Windows 10 is kinda like playing roulette

    So to keep this short and not write a novel, I just had an interesting experience.

    About a year ago I bought a copy of Windows 10 Home OEM from Newegg (sold and shipped by Newegg). The ID was sealed inside a cardboard envelope, and it wasn't tampered with. After I opened it and went to activate it on my son's computer, it refused to activate online, and I had to call in to their activation center in India, who gave me an installation ID for it to activate.

    Fast forward to this week. I replaced his Z97 mobo/i5 CPU/DDR3 RAM, and reinstalled Windows since I switched him over to a Ryzen 1700X / X370 / DDR4 build. After getting everything installed and tested to make sure it all worked, I figured I would have to buy a new copy of Windows since the version I had was OEM. I figured I'd just try to activate for giggles, and tried it. To my surprise, it activated online with no issues. So from this experience I guess an OEM license is not tied to the motherboard? just never know what to expect.

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    Activating Windows 10 is kinda like playing roulette

    hat's a heck of a story . . . .

    Given the hassles we all go through over these "white-box" OEM Windows 7 . . . 10 releases, it almost seems . . . .incredible. There's not supposed to be a scatter of outcomes in this part of digital reality. I mean, if they were keeping track of your system on paper, with filing cabinets, maybe something could get switched around or changed. But you have to ask "How is this possible?!"

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    Activating Windows 10 is kinda like playing roulette

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    Activating Windows 10 is kinda like playing roulette

    It's tied to the system as a whole, and not a single part of that whole, once a certain percentage has been changed though, you have to call them to get it reset to the machine again.

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    The OEM licences for Win10 that I buy these days also have scratch-away foil over the product key. Did yours have that?

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