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    Mobile Web App or Responsive Web Design?

    Are you looking to leverage mobile app revolution? Well, there are several ways to create an effective mobile presence such as responsive web design; native apps for iOS, Android and Windows; mobile web apps or a dedicated mobile site. Each approach comes with its pros and cons, development framework and use case.

    In order to make a right decision it is important to understand your business goals and target audience.

    Interested to know more? Click on the link below:

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    Mobile Web App or Responsive Web Design?

    In today's era, a Responsive Website makes more sense then Mobile Web App. That's mainly because you'll have to re-write codes and do the whole work again for a Mobile Web App which will still not be 100% accurate because of the availability of various screen sizes. Responsive Website on the other hand allows you to add few more codes in order have the design adapt different styles on different screen devices. It's a common practice nowadays to build the mobile site first and then adding a little more codes to it to fit bigger screen sizes.

    Read more about the benefits of Responsive Web Design here- ... nfographic

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    Mobile Web App or Responsive Web Design?

    It is better to design responsive web pages which are smart enough to detect the user’s screen size of the personal computer, laptop and or mobile device and alter the orientation as well as the layout of the page accordingly. This is a major issue with normal mobile web page that often appears unresponsive since the orientation does not match.

    Read More at: ... e-website/

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    Mobile Web App or Responsive Web Design?

    We have just published an article about responsive web design:

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    If you are curious to know more about PWA (Progressive Web Apps), we have recently published a blog based on our participation in Google Progressive Web App Training event held in India. Just have a look at it to find What Google wants you to Know about Progressive Web Apps.

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