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    Reality Show on Security Testing

    Hi. I'm producing a reality show on security testing -- physical security, social engineering as well as other heist and ineternet based security issues -- and am looking for companies to be on the show. Our security expert would attempt to "steal" whatever the company offered up, and then would provide / install / train in state of the art prevention at no cost to the company. It's a fun show, not out to make a company look bad or weak - just want to illustrate the security issues companies deal with today and how best to protect against fraud, theft, manipulation, etc.

    If you are interested or have suggestions as to how I might be able to locate companies to participate, I would greatly appreciate it!



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    Reality Show on Security Testing

    give away hundreds of thousands of dollars of work for free?? No thanks

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    Reality Show on Security Testing

    Good point - although I believe that bringing the threats to a wide audience at the entertaining level of a reality show would only lead to more awareness of the issues and more work for all security consultants.

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    Reality Show on Security Testing

    ou'll have a hard time not only finding someone to work for free, but also finding a business willing to lose customers when they get exposed for having security issues.
    Just look at TJ Maxx and the damage they suffered when people found out they lost personal data

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    Reality Show on Security Testing

    Here is a show called Tiger Team that's very similar to what you're describing. Unfortunately it didn't make it past the two pilots, despite being a really good show. According to Wikipedia A&E is thinking about making a similar show with the same cast.


    First pilot:

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