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    financing options

    hi , i am new at the forum. I have one question. a eurobased company needs to borrow 250 million usd on a 5 year term to finance invetments overseas . They need a split funding in euros, dollars , yen , and sterling. Should they raise the funds via a loan or a bond issue on the international market?


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    financing options

    What's their credit like? I assume they'll get the issue rated? It depends on how quickly they need the money. $250 mm seems like something you could raise in a reasonable amount of time through private sources if you want to go the loan route.

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    financing options

    If you're making investments with the funds over time, you may have an easier time lining up the cash flows by going the loan route. A bond issue would get you everything up front and you'd have to manage the cash in the meantime.

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    financing options

    depends on the details, debt placement will need a good rating and an acceptable company jurisdiction, in the current environment not easy

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