My laptop came with Windows 10 Home out of the box, when the screen died I sent it into SquareTrade for warranty repair. Upon receiving the laptop back, it seems to have been reformatted and reinstalled with Windows 7 Home version. Unfortunately, Windows will not activate and I don't want to use Windows 7.

After speaking to a rep at SquareTrade, they said all I need to do was download the Home image and reinstall the operating system to have Windows self-activate. The problem is Windows installation is asking me for the product id key before it will continue to install process.

I know the key from Dell is embedded into the bios, no sticker is on the laptop anywhere. How do I figure out what the key is or retrieve it so I can properly install the right version of Windows 10. The laptop's recovery image was also wiped out and did not come with an operating system on any physical media.

Anyone know how to locate the embedded key ?