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    Dynamics 365 Portal Deployment

    I am starting with a Dynamics 365 Portal project and needless to say that its my first Project with the Technology.
    While looking at the solution end to end I am not able to find any proper documentation for Dev Ops process which we can follow for this.
    I understand the components which team will be working on will be configurations within CRM but I am confused with following.
    1. How to get multiple developers to work on the project i.e. how can they work on their individual instances and merge the changes at end of the day.
    2. How to manage changes in a source control (as most of it is really configuration data within CRM)
    3. How to package and export a solution so that I can deploy/move it from Development to Test (SIT/UAT) and then Production environment.
    4. Once we have moved the solution to production environment, how to manage defects and change requests so that I can package the solution with changes and move from Dev to Test and then to Prod environment (I have seen developers manually doing the configurations which I find a bit strange).
    Any answers to above queries or pointers to the resources are really appreciated.
    Thanks in Advance.

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    Dynamics 365 Portal Deployment

    DevOps with Dynamics 365 Portals is very tricky due to the combination of solution metadata and data. I tend to have a single master development server that is used to integrate all the changes from each developer into, and then export the solution and data form there. You can use the components in the XRM CI framework -
    As far as packaging the data - the Configuraiton Migration tool is the easiest way to do this - it can be found int he SDK -
    Hope this helps!


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    Dynamics 365 Portal Deployment

    Hi Scott,
    Thanks a lot for your response.
    I used Configuration Migration tool for migrating the data from Dev to Test instance and it worked.
    Only problem is the Patching and redeployment.
    Its fine for now as I can refresh complete portal config data in the Test environment but I am perceiving that this approach has limitation for post go live maintenance and support.
    Post go live when we are doing multiple changes at once and we will have to say deploy defect fixes and new changes there is no way for selective deployment.

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    Dynamics 365 Portal Deployment

    Hi Scot,
    we tried configuration migration tool to transfer Portal data but some web file attachments like .CSS and .SVG images are not getting transferred. also after transfer of data , we are not able to see the Entity forms and web forms getting loaded on portal even though required entity permissions are transferred.
    Can you please help us with this.

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