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    Add Items in subgrid automatically

    I'd like to add Items in my subgrid automatically.
    Ex: I have account entity and payment entity and i have already established the 1:N Relationship
    I want to appear the payment lines automatically in the contact subgrid when they are entered in the payment entity
    Thanks a lot.

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    Add Items in subgrid automatically

    Hi ,
    If you add items in the payment entity with selected account lookup it will come automatically in subgrid of related account record.
    Do you want to refresh subgrid automatically?
    In that case you need to refresh manually or you can write a code to refresh your grid . Here is the sample javascript code to refresh subgrid. Just call the function in Onload event it will refresh ever 2 seconds.

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    Add Items in subgrid automatically

    function RefreshSubGrid()
    var isGridRefresh =false;
    var intervalId = window.setInterval(
    function () {
    var grid = Xrm.Page.getControl("gridName");
    if (grid != null && isGridRefresh == false) {
    isGridRefresh = true;
    }, 2000);

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    Add Items in subgrid automatically

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    Add Items in subgrid automatically

    Hi Goutam Das,
    Thanks for your feedback.
    When i add items in the payment entity, I can not find the information in contact's subgrid.
    I need to click in (+) and search for the item and add it manually
    PS:I have a lookup field in payment entity for the account, where i mention the account name


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