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    Home Loan

    How can I estimate the home loan amount before I apply for it? Is it possible?

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    Home Loan

    Yeah it is possible Jacelyn. Haven’t you heard about the automated tool ‘loan amount calculator’? You just need to enter the monthly payment amount, the interest rate and the length of the loan into this calculator and it will sort out the amount for you.
    Monthly payment=amount of principal + interest you are required to pay each month
    Interest rate- annual percentage rate you will pay

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    Home Loan

    Length of the loan- how long you will pay ( years/month)
    Loan amount- amount you need to borrow
    It is quite simple. You can check it through online. I have used it and tried hard to get a better deal on a home loan. I was in a tough financial status that time and one of my friends suggested me to a business and financial legal advice service, Cassels Brock at Toronto. I consulted them for both my personal and business financial legal advices. Their advice on how to cost-effectively service the business helped me a lot.

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    Home Loan

    Yes it is possible. You can try "Loans Calculator For Australia". It is a smartphone app free to download and will make all your calculations very easily.

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    Home Loan

    There is Home Loan "EMI Calculator", by using this you can calculate loan amount as per eligibility.

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