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    SQL 2005 Issue/Question

    We have two Dell PowerEdge 6950's wit 4 x AMD dual core 2.8Ghz CPUs, 16GB of RAM, 4 x 146GB 15k SAS HD (RAID 10) and a PCI-X Intel dual Gbit NIC.

    The servers run Windows 2003 Server Stnd Ed x64 along with SQL 2005 Server Stnd Ed x64.

    The NIC on both servers are setup in teaming as Active/Passive, Auto Detect, and are connected to two Dell 2716 web managed switches (10/100/1000Mbit) one for each cable on the NIC.

    The databases are setup in a Mirror & Witness configuration with a 3rd machine (HP DL145 G2) acting as the witness.

    We started this when our DB wasn't very large, the backups were only taking up about 1.5 to 2GB; back then we used gzip. Now that DB backups are growing at an alarming rate, currently it's almost 12GB compressed/85GB uncompressed, we are experiencing I/O issues between the mirror and backup, as well as timing issues between the DB and any of the 7 application servers.

    Our DBA guy keeps asking me to find out why there is an issue with the I/O and that I should check to see if one of the drives is bad. The drives are fine and don't report any issues I am wondering now since the DB has grown so big in the past year if it's really starting to stress the hardware?

    Any suggestions?

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    SQL 2005 Issue/Question

    When I try to install a new instance of SQL Server 2008 Express on a development machine with SQL 2005 Express already up and running, the install validation fails because the "SQL 2005 Express tools" are installed and I'm told to remove them.SQL stored procedure which generates a single table. The records are linked together via a parent/child relationship (ID and ParentID), and we use this table to populate the treeview.

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    SQL 2005 Issue/Question

    I have a dedicated server which I use for clients, it got hacked a few months back via some little **** using an SQL injection attack on a site we had taken over from another company , stupidly we had not gone through and checked the code.

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    SQL 2005 Issue/Question


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