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    GAF halo2 clan preperation.

    firstly i wanna say, it would suck HARD if we cant join multiple clans because apparently you wont use profiles to play on xbox live, just gamertags. im definitely gonna be in a clan with my friends but im really hoping i can get in on a clan with you guys. if i cant i might seriously consider a second live account.

    ok so its still 8 weeks from the release date but maybe we should prepare now.

    maybe we should get some clan name ideas? everyone post theirs.

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    GAF halo2 clan preperation.

    Okay here is a list of names I culled from this thread... I may have missed some people or there wasn't a gamertag I picked up on at a glance.
    70 Names - All names should have friend invites from Sicher for later clan invite, tell me if you don't.
    Gamertag - Forum Name

    AeroGod - AeroGod
    AztecaGX - AztecaGX
    Che Guevara - Fifty
    Chipopo - My F*cking Grandpa
    Chittagong - Chittagong
    Cloudystrife - Cloudy
    Cmdr Solrak - Cmdr. Solrak
    Confidence Man - Redbeard
    DJ Demon J - DJ Demon J
    DMczaf - DMczaf
    DopeyFish - DopeyFish
    dr teepo - teepo
    Drey1082 - Drey1082
    Espio - Espio
    EtherealSpirit - Ghost
    FrenchMov - FrenchMovieTheme
    GA Iceman - Iceman
    gram neqative - Hitler Stole My Potato
    Gunstar77 - Gunstar77
    hgplayer1 - hgplayer1
    IcedPez - BuddyChrist83
    IJoel - IJoel
    Jack Ryan - Matt
    Jesiatha - Jesiatha
    KeeblerDrow - keeblerdrow
    Kusaka - Defensor
    Lord Gremlin - Screaming_Gremlin

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    GAF halo2 clan preperation.

    I will be in the GAF clan, but I don't think I should be the leader. I recommend Defensor of GAF. He is our leader in Socom 2 and he does a really good job with it.

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    GAF halo2 clan preperation.


    ga vs. oa clan battles will be fun

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