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    How do I insert adsense ads into Wordpress?

    Since I don't know anything about coding xhtml, I was hoping that someone here would and might be able to give me a basic walkthrough in how to put my adsense code onto my blog: Financing Your Family

    Specifically I would like it to appear above my top post and also at the bottom of every post.

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    How do I insert adsense ads into Wordpress?

    You can use the back end of the WP site ... edit the html but it will depend on the theme you are running.

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    How do I insert adsense ads into Wordpress?

    Sorry about this - forgot about the thead!

    As for Adsense - best performing ad format is the 250x300, so consider using something like that, showing either at the top left or top right of your post.

    To insert is, click on Themes > Theme Editor > Main Index

    Scroll down to where you find the statement <? php the_content

    and just before that paste in the following:

    <div style="float:left;">

    That will display the block at the top left of your posts.

    To make it show at the top right, change float:left to float:right.

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    How do I insert adsense ads into Wordpress?

    You can also simply paste in another 250x300 block to show after the blog post - best place for this is probably at the very top of the comments template. Simply insert your plain Adsense code at the top of the comments template, above everything else, and there you will have two ads.

    However, you're going to make very little money with the blog unless you develop traffic - a good way to do this is to use Google Blog Search and Technorati and similar to find bloggers who are writing about similar topics. When you do, check to see if they allow comments and trackbacks.

    If they allow only comments - just place a comment, linking your website - either using your own name or the blog name in the username field.

    If they allow trackbacks, then write up something about what they've written, add your own commentary, and even reference other blog posts and news items. That will help bring in traffic directly from the blogs, and also help raise your site in Google (though this is a long-term aim - will take a long time to develop any momentum in Google).


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