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    Composition/Framing Questions

    I'm curious as to your opinion of some of my event photographs. Each has a flaw explained, and I'm looking for opinions on whether it makes the image unusable. I'm new to "event" photography, and I'm not really clear on whether these things would generally be acceptable in view of the limited movement and access one typically has in these situations, and in consideration of both performers and audience. I try to compose in line with cropping rules like that posted here - Crop Guidelines for Portrait Photography. Obviously in the moment, I have failed. But how important is it for the success of an image?

    1. Does the closest microphone/stand bother you? It's somewhat orphaned, clearly being for a musician that is not in the photo. Does it ruin the image?

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    Composition/Framing Questions

    The first one is a bit confusing, and the motion in the last one might be enough to eliminate it. I'd be glad to claim the other two, especially the third: it's about the performer, not the uke.

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    Composition/Framing Questions

    Thanks for the opinion Jim. I would be interested in your opinion on the framing of the last one, forgetting the motion blur, which I know makes it into a reject.

    Anyone else have any thoughts?

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    Composition/Framing Questions

    Except for the motion blur there's
    just some simple cropping issues, so
    no real losers on that score. As to
    the motion blur, it can be discretely
    fixed: just a few very small critical
    details sharpened up will give the
    viewer's eye/brain the satisfaction
    that it seeks as it tries to focus upon
    what it sees.

    Also try forgetting those composition
    rules. You're already restricted by all
    physical limitations of a performance
    venue with a show in progress. Thaz
    enuf constraints and challenges. Other
    people's rules just represent yet more
    burdensome limitations. And, forget
    the old cliche "rules are made to be
    broken" cuz that still recognizes the
    basic authority of rules. No rules !

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    Composition/Framing Questions

    3rd one is the strongest, but all have good subject. I would try to crop in a little on the first and second.

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