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    Delivery of Pignata

    Delivering the Pignata to the Pig Roast:


    Sony A7M2 Nikkor AI 28/2.0 ISO1250

    Yes, the Pignata is enjoying one last
    Havana Phatty enroute to his demise.

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    Delivery of Pignata

    Piggy doesn't need to be dragged.
    Here he is headed to his doom on
    his own two feet:

    Pinata02 E2 web.jpg

    Ooopzee. Forgot to light Piggy's
    cigar in this edit. The red glow
    in the other edit is Photoshop.

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    Delivery of Pignata

    Nice editing on the cigar. Not sure of the event, can you provide more on the tradition?

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