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    Warhawk - GAF Clans, Servers and Matchmaking

    Get ready to be WOWHAWK'd

    Please try to use this thread only for matchmaking / clan invites / servers setup purposes.
    General discussion about the game (gameplay, feedback, advices for newbies and whatnot) should take place in the Official Warhawk Thread

    Useful links :

    Warhawk Manual (PDF)

    Official Playstation boards (US) - Warhawk

    Official Playstation boards (EU) - Warhawk

    Warhawk guide on

    GAF clans & Leaders :

    NeoGAF Clan Roster List
    (Killthee is in charge of managing the roster list)

    GAF East [GAFe] - UnholySpectacle
    GAF West [GAFw] - Safe Bet
    GAF North [GAFn] - Varshes
    GAF Europe [GAFu] - Xater
    GAF South [GAFs] - The Jer

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    Warhawk - GAF Clans, Servers and Matchmaking

    GAF servers infos :

    GAF servers list (thanks to Killthee who is managing it)

    Best way to join a GAF server is to sort the servers list by names and scroll through the list. Trying to join by going through your clan members or friends list may bug (game will tell you that the server is full while it's not - PleoMax and myself have already witnessed this bug).

    People that plan to frequently host should use Killthee's nomenclature, and keep the same server name when they put it back up, so that people will be able to add GAF servers in favorites.

    Example : GAF_PST(#1)-CTF/ZNS (= timezone, add a number if there already are GAF servers in your zone, last time is for the frequent modes that your server has)

    Please also provide those informations :

    PSN ID:
    GAF Username:
    Is your server going to be mostly Ranked,Unranked, or Both?
    The frequent modes in your rotation list.
    The sparse modes in your rotation list.
    The max player count in your server.

    And PM Killthee to give him your mail, so that he gives you the rights to edit the spreadsheet.

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    Warhawk - GAF Clans, Servers and Matchmaking

    Useful infos :

    - How to setup your brand new headset

    1) Charge your mic
    2) Hold the button until the blue light holds (NOT flashing)
    3) In the XMB, go to Settings > Accessories > Register a new BT peripheral > Headset and start scanning. Your HS brand and model should appear.
    4) Now go to Settings > Audio Peripheral Parameters. Make sure your HS's name is displayed next to input and output. The grey bar on top of the menu should fill up as you speak. Adjust the volume accordingly (red bars lighting = killing people's ears)

    When you're ingame, a small icon should be displayed next to your name. If it's not, turn the HS off by holding the button around 5 seconds (= while light flashes 5 times). There should be a quick flashing and the light should turn off. Then turn your HS on again be holding the button.
    Hold L3 to speak (max. 10 seconds). The small icon should turn yellow.

    - GAF/PSNIDs list for server hosts


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    Warhawk - GAF Clans, Servers and Matchmaking

    Seriously, will you Kindly Stop forgetting about us?

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    Warhawk - GAF Clans, Servers and Matchmaking

    I may be interested in GAF South if there is room. I am still into the COD4 Beta, Madden, and Bioshock. But as soon as I finish Bioshock, I might pick up Warhawk.

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