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    RDP client and Windows key

    I've been using my Leopard based MacBook to do a little server work of late using microsoft's RDP client for mac. All's going well apart from one really really annoying thing - every now and then the remote machine thinks I'm holding the windows key down all the time!

    understandably this is a touch annoying to say the least.

    I've had a quick search round the web but can't find much if any info on this. Anyone run into this before? heard of a solution? got a better rdp client for mac to windows than the MS one?!

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    RDP client and Windows key

    Microsoft's Macintosh RDC is pretty good, none better that I know of. The Windows key problem sounds unique! I use Tiger (OS 10.4) and Leopard (OS 10.5) to RDC into Server 2003 machines and the only problem I have is dropped connections that don't get cleared. They just add up in the list of active clients counting against the license limit.

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    RDP client and Windows key


    <edit: although this one liner was a pretty pointless post on a very old thread, I have left it in place so it does not make the later posts look even more bizarre. AdamV, SFDC Moderator>

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    RDP client and Windows key

    Does this happen in conjunction with locking the remote Windows machines using Windows + "L" (or rather, CTRL + L in your case)? What version of the Mac RDP client are you using?

    You could try CoRD or TSClientX, but methinks this is an issue with the version of RDP that is being used on the Mac.

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    RDP client and Windows key

    The issue seemed to self-resolve eventually so no idea what the root cause was.

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    A "sticky" Windows key in a RDP session is fairly common in Vista with RDP 6. I had the same problem frequently. Here are some references:

    Is there a newer version of the Remote Desktop client that you can use on your Mac?

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