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    What platform would you choose for your app?

    In a scale of 1 to 100, iOS scored 68.5 and Android 63.3 from rankings and reviews received. Android, iOS, Windows, cross platform, web... there are different kind of app development platforms. Which is your favourite?

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    What platform would you choose for your app?

    I am a big fan of Android, and I can work with that system. But if you want to keep your clients and don’t share the market with competitors, I would recommend you to use outsourcing companies to transfer your applied to other systems (iOS, Windows). Now I work with I will tell you about the resource later.

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    What platform would you choose for your app?

    I choose platform for mobile app by considering following factors:

    • Requirements & complexity of the app
      Location of the target users
      Development resources
      Target market size and reach
      App ROI

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    What platform would you choose for your app?

    Choosing the right platform for your app is a tricky task. To help you out, here we are sharing a guide for the same.

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    What platform would you choose for your app?

    Mobile and Web app development platform are growing along with time since their birth. Technology had evolved and became a vital part of our day-to-day life.

    Being Mobile and Web app development company having expertise in various domains, I will suggest you build a responsive app that works great in both devices.

    Compatibility to render an app all the devices without compromising the ability of an app is one of the great achievement of all time.

    There are 3 major platform for which mobile/web apps are developed namely:

    • Android App

    • iOS App

    • Website App

    Fortunately, there are some really great multi-platform developer tools in the market today, using which you can easily achieve your aim

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