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    Android Oreo: Is it worth the upgrade?

    Everybody seemed very excited at the launch of Android Oreo. Although immediately after upgradation, lot of complaints started pouring in regarding the difficulty to connect the device to Bluetooth and further getting switched off after a while. Does it seem like a good option to update then? ... ort/38966/

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    Android Oreo: Is it worth the upgrade?

    I myself will wait a few months before an update.
    The same thing went with Windows 10: right after being released it was really bugged and not supported enough to work smoothly.
    So I will update my Android device, as it will be definitely confirmed that it will work well as it was promised.

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    Android Oreo: Is it worth the upgrade?

    If you are in the position to install Android 8.0, then I would recommend it. This is an update which finally brings an iOS-matching level of polish to Android, makes your operating system faster, smoother, more instinctive and improves battery life.

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    Android Oreo: Is it worth the upgrade?

    We agree with you on this! Windows 10 had lots of bugs at the time of its release. It took almost a year before the OS could finally support all devices.
    There are chances that Android 8 Oreo has similar issues. So, as a precaution, it’s wise to install the OS after waiting for a while.

    Your point is valid. Android Oreo will be a lot smoother, faster, and will have more battery life. However, like Ready4S said, there are chances that the OS has some bugs. Hence, we will prefer to install the update after waiting for a while.

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    Android Oreo: Is it worth the upgrade?

    you should give some time to make it fully functional, lots of device still waiting for the update. if you want to know whether you are in list or not you can check this thread.

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