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    EDCGold Accounts

    Has anyone had any experience with the EDCGold accounts? I keep getting someone emailing me a sales pitch that I could make a fortune by selling them.

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    EDCGold Accounts

    EDC Gold reads as just another pyramid scheme - but with a higher loss to those at the bottom of the pyramid.

    It gets around the technicalities of being outright illegal by selling junk ebooks, which is an increasing tactic for pyramid schemes looking for a legal loophole.

    Here's how it works:

    1. You pay someone $997 for access to these "ebooks".
    2. You then try and resell access to these ebooks to others for $997
    3. The person you signed up for gets your first few sales
    4. You join people up to you, you get their first few $997.

    Got to admit, I find the whole EDC Gold scheme to be pretty sick. It's not simply just like a pyramid scheme, it's one that demands a hefty investment just to get involved.

    So the people who sign up stand to lose a lot of money unless they can get other people signed up onto it.

    Make no mistake, the EDC Gold system isn't at all about selling ebooks - check any of the EDC Gold conversations going on online and no one mentions the books as an actual saleable product - they just talk about making earnings from signing people up.

    And mention EDC Gold and just watch the scammers jump in to tell you how it's all about making easy cash.

    Anyone here wants to join a pyramid scheme and scam people, join EDC Gold.

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    EDCGold Accounts

    I see my first reply was edited out and never posted, imagine that...

    But get your facts first, brian, before you post on EDC Gold. They don't sell ebooks, they sell COMPUTER SOFTWARE (and in the coming weeks will be rolling out a retail aspect to the business).

    And you don't "only join at $997" . You can join at $15, $297, $997, even for FREE to get a back office, and THE OWNERS' PERSONAL PHONE NUMBERS TO CALL THEM.

    What kind of a scam gets you to join for FREE?

    Get your facts right. Using the words "scam" and "pyramid scheme" are very serious allegations. Do you have the facts to back that up? Do you even know what those words are?

    You are of course free to post any opinion, but just that - if you don't like it, think it's terrible, feel free to say that - but EDC Global is a very legitimate internet business - just because YOU don't like it (or don't know anything about it), does NOT make it a "scam"

    And lets see if "brian" the administrator has the cajones to post this reply, a reply contradicting YOU and what your opinion is.



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    EDCGold Accounts

    Link drops in a post automatically set it up for moderation, but as you've replied without the link drop I'll ensure that's removed.

    As for your comments - you've not made any effort to contradict it being a pyramid scheme - all you've done is broken down the entry levels to it.

    If you think a scam needs to charge people first, that's your opinion - but too many scams seek to identify a market (desperate people with $1k to burn?) and then basically groom these "leads" until they're ready to hand over their cash and join the pyramid.

    I'll say this - it's a clever scheme - but I expect it won't be too long before we read that it's all come crashing down.

    I'd love you to come back and post about your opinion then, telling us that it was all about "internet marketing" and "ebooks" or "computer software".

    Face it - you're peddling junk and the only interest behind the entire scheme is how to get the next $1k out of those free leads, so that you can make money off their sales.

    Sounds like a pyramid scheme doesn't it? Just technically isn't in legal terms if you're "selling" goods, but doesn't mean to say it won't come crashing down like a pyramid scheme.

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    EDCGold Accounts


    You are totally contradicting yourself. First you call it a pyramid scam/scheme, then you follow up with "Just technically it isn't in legal terms."

    Either it is or it isn't! C'mon. The real issue is that you don't like those type of opportunities, which is cool. We all have our bias. But don't throw around the word "scam" when you youself know "technically" you are wrong. To this day, there are people who call Amway a pyramid scheme, even though they've been around nearly 50 years.

    If you truly want to talk about a pyramid scheme, look no further than Tyco, Worldcomm, Enron and countless other mega corps where the guys at the top are the only ones getting rich, while the poor saps at the base of those structures suffer. (Oh, I know, we accept those type of pyramids.. it's ok for the Dennis Kozlowski's of the world to pocket 9 figures annually but a guy looking to change his life by promoting a network mktg home business is somehow scamming..)


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