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    Social Engineering someones phone number

    hey i was wondering if anyone knew any goot techniques for SEing a phone number from someone else without them knowing i am the one trying to get the info.
    Stuff i know:
    Trying to get it from their friend search for last name
    my friend doing the se for me with me pulling strings

    but any other ideas? im open for all suggestions that have worked 4 u

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    Social Engineering someones phone number

    Direct approach : get a nice girl pretend to do some sort of a survey for ... just about anything, if the girl looks nice In the end she will ask for his phone number (some employers do a random check to see if the survey is accurate).

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    Social Engineering someones phone number

    Well yes a good looking girl could get you a phone number from a guy - especially a (not so good looking guy) ...

    but just in case you were after a phone number of a girl ... Duh ... then you may need some rethinking on your approach to social engineering !

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    Social Engineering someones phone number

    once signed up for a March for Life campaign (which was legit). There was a girl whose number I wanted, so I used the campaign to ask her to contribute. The sign-up sheet required that she give her whole name and phone number.

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    Social Engineering someones phone number

    nice idea with the survey... the thought of using a one of my friends thats a girl did come across my mind but the survey will be very good... hmm thanks man

    and it is a boy so no problems there lol now all i need is my friend to cooperate....

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