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    the OFFICIAL GAF Madden X-box Tournament II:

    it's time again, time for the awesomeness that is the madden GA tournaments. maybe some of you missed it last year, but we completed 10 tournaments for the PS2 version, and it was a lot of fun. many of us have moved onto the xbox version, a few stayed with the ps2 version, and some of us will be participating in both. but, this thread is for the xbox version only, so keep that in mind at all times!

    we'll see how many people we can get in. i'm guessing 16-32 to be honest with you. lets remember a few things though:

    * LEGIT TOURNAMENT! no cheesing (and madden 2005, contrary to popular belief, will not be free of cheese)

    * Remember, the madden servers probably won't be up and completely stable for about a week after release. It sucks that it won't be up and 100% reliable from day 1, but this is online gaming reality! So, don't get discouraged and lose interest and pout about it! It's going to happen, don't be surprised

    * Don't even bother posting in this thread if you aren't going to particpate. It's only wasting everyones time, and then we have to scramble to find people when you flake

    * As of right now, the official quarter length for RANKED games is going to be 4 minutes. This is according to EA themselves. This is going to be a RANKED tournament. It sucks, and I wish they would boost the quarter lengths to 5 mins at least, but what are you gonna do?

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    the OFFICIAL GAF Madden X-box Tournament II:

    wait is this a new one? didnt we already get a 2nd tourney done in Madden?

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    the OFFICIAL GAF Madden X-box Tournament II:

    Well, that was the quick 8 man tourny, and the UNofficial 2nd tournament

    Anyway, I'm in of course with the magnificant Ravens.

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    the OFFICIAL GAF Madden X-box Tournament II:

    that wasn't the official 2nd tournament! don't post here, just sign in amigos

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    the OFFICIAL GAF Madden X-box Tournament II:

    Hopefully I don't draw Ramirez. ;p

    Well, at least until our inevitable meeting in the finals. ;p

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